Becoming a Data Scientist: Six Months Bootcamp Experience with ScholarNurture

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SN Certificate of completion
SN Certificate of completion

My Experience

It all started in May, 2020 when I came across the advert shared on Facebook by one of my friends.

I was mesmerized when I saw all the goodies that came with the program, they are a perfect data science toolkit for any aspiring data scientist.

Here goes the list

  1. SQL for Data Analysis
  2. Python for Data Science
  3. Machine and Deep Learning
  4. Microsoft Excel for data analysis
  5. *Tableau

All this for a token of #3000 and would run for six months? I proceeded to fill the form immediately and got a confirmation mail.

Many people were interested and there was a pool of applicants, so there was an aptitude test on classmarker to finalize the selection process. It was a test on Python fundamentals. I didn’t bother to go through the materials sent since I just finished a Python course.

As projected I got 75% which was more than enough to qualify for the bootcamp of 50% passmark.

Classmarker test score
Classmarker test score
Classmarker entry test

The Bootcamp

I made payment immediately and got added to the data science workspace on #slack.

We had several channels

  • #announcements
  • #assignments
  • #games-and-challenges
  • #general
  • #question
  • #resources

The three channels I was always scared of are;

  1. #resources, any new notification here tells you a new set of learning materials has just been released.
  2. #assignment, any notification here is all about assignment and projects with deadlines.
  3. #announcements especially when we just finished an assignment, the next notification on the channel will be result of such assignment.
Slack channels
Slack channels
Slack channels

We thought it was a joke until we saw the first assignment result on the Scholar Network Super league, a table of students result arranged from top to bottom. The table was being updated with every assignment till the final quiz test.


I did a few projects in the bootcamp on various aspects of the learning path

We also had a statistics group project on Data analysis with excel, my group (Team Phantom Gladiators) came first with 75% score. Kudos to my team members.

Unfortunately we could not touch deep learning and tableau due to time constraint.

Team Phantom Gladiators
Team Phantom Gladiators
Team Phantom Gladiators

Challenges and Motivations

I was faced with series of challenges which include but not limited to; Electricity, Data subscription to download learning materials, PC issue and phone ‘wahala’, Network problem, Struggling between the bootcamp, other online classes and normal day-to-day activities.

The most important of them are time management and meeting up with assignment/project deadlines. I tackled these by downloading learning materials immediately they were released and made sure I studied them as soon possible. I didn’t postponed assignments and projects till last day of submission, I did them and submit almost immediately they were released.

It was not easy.

I got motivated by friends and colleagues who are into different areas of tech environment, my data science communities such as; Scholar Network, AI+ OAU, DSN among others…

The Ranking

It was stated at the beginning of the bootcamp that the top 3 performers will be awarded and the best 10 will be recognized for their efforts. I made up my mind to be in the first 3, at worst top 10. I was going to give it my all, I said.

Only the assignments and graded projects got added to the Super League table since some of the projects were just a requirement to pass out of the bootcamp.

We had a final quiz on class marker which consists of everything we had learnt in the past six months, I took the test and got 67% which made me a bit above the 50% pass mark.

Super League Table- final score
Super League Table- final score

I was excited when I got to know that I was one of the top performers, I came 3rd out of over 120 registered students on the super league and was awarded a Top Performer Award.

Top Performer Award
Top Performer Award
Top Performer Award

Aspiring Data Scientist/Data Science Enthusiasts

There are many path through which one can learn Data Science, learning through bootcamp is one of a kind for the following reasons.

  • great mentorship opportunity
  • discussion forum
  • Hands-on learning
  • learning from peers
  • team spirit
  • mastery of fundamental data science skills
  • career helps
  • high quality, affordable(online)
  • and many more…


Special thanks to ScholarNurture for nurturing us for the future. Thanks to Joseph Ojo, Anthony and Samson for the great opportunity.


Thanks to all my colleagues, thanks to Team Phantom Gladiators powerfully led by Ronke. It was great working with you all.

I hope you enjoy my story .

Thank you for reading!

Machine learning, AI and Data Science enthusiast with special interest in Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology.